Monday, June 22, 2009

A Mother's Love

A Mother's Love - such a contrite and overused phrase, but as I have come to learn, it is also a totally misunderstood concept. There is more power in a mother's love than in water or wind. It is daunting to try to describe and even more so to understand when one is fully feeling all it encompasses. When I first gave birth, I knew I felt "a mother's love." That feeling and the power it elicited are so inconsequential to what I feel now, to what I felt the night I knew your life was not in my hands. Powerlessness is mighty powerful when it comes to a mother's love. The joy I feel when you are able to do something I can't or don't think of providing for you is powerful - a mother's love. The passion with which I pray for you is incredibly powerful - a mother's love. The sadness I feel when things don't go your way is monumental except I know you are building character and growing stronger, thus while I would want to take that disappointment, I love you much more than to remove the lesson - a mother's love. The hours I spend awake at night wondering different things about you are not so great a sacrifice, but they speak to the power of a mother's love. Getting through the next day still giving my best and doing all I can, speak even more fully of how powerful that love is. Watching your life unfold, I have tried to teach you all I can to fully handle all life will bring to you, yet the truth is, you are teaching me how to live life fully for feeling the power of a mother's love is something without which I would be incomplete and unfulfilled.