Thursday, April 8, 2010

As the Clock Runs Down

Each morning I rise and face the day with you
Whether it's work or staying at home, it seems there's always much to do
I kiss your face just before we each get on our way
But I don't take for granted that we've been given this day

I used to drop the children at school before nine
And wait to pick them up each afternoon in car pool line
Now they come home just to visit - for what seems too short a stay
But I don't take for granted that we've been given this day

The hugs to say goodbye and the kiss on the cheek
Are met with full acknowledgment and taking the chance to speak
Of the love we feel for each and every one who fills our hearts
We thank God for the blessing of time that He imparts

For I never want to take for granted even one blessed minute with you
And I never want you to think that is something I would do
I realize each time we say goodbye or that each minute spent
Is the last of those we get unless more moments are lent

I know too many who've kissed goodbye their husbands, daughters, and sons
And thought they'd just come home again when the time away was done
Then the time came and they sat and waited, but the loved one did not
And the time they had was the all the time they really ever got

So I never want to squander time or waste a minute away
I never want you to think it didn't matter or that I didn't pray
For your safety and in praise and thanks for all the time we've shared
Please always know I love you and always know I cared

Monday, April 5, 2010

I had the most amazing weekend with my daughter last week. I give God the glory for our time together, our laughter, our talking, our listening to each other breathe, our eye for the unusual, our taste for pizza, our love of color, our heart for photography, our laughter, our memories made. I give God the glory for all He has done and is doing in restoration. I give God the glory for the time that has made my heart happy!