Saturday, October 23, 2010

Seasonal teachings

It is fall - by the calendar, by the temperatures, by the leaves on the trees, by football, and by the amount of grading and time spent on school. It is fall. God is teaching me so much. I treasure things I took for granted - true. Lately though, the biggest lessons are in learning to allow myself free time, showing time and consistency to those who need it, remembering to just do the work - the work He called me to do, and allowing myself to savor moments.

Free time - I could spend every waking moment working. My house is a mess - I work. My closet needs weeding - I work. My base boards are dusty - I work. My body needs care - I work. My pictures need sorting - I work. My friends need letters or at least e-mails encouraging them - I work. My children need a text message letting them know I love them - or maybe I need that... I need the contact with them. They're probably just fine. I work.

I am doing the work I was called to do, and I know being in the center of His will is where I need to be. I need to be content with that and not dwell on the things I miss. I do need to take some time away from work though - my husband deserves my time, and I deserve some time. It is okay for me to take time.

Time and consistency - is there a theme here? I have a class that needs time and consistency, and I must not get caught up in the time and pacing of the curriculum guide. They need the skills, and I am afforded the luxury of allowing them the time to get the skills rather than having to keep pace with a certain calendar of benchmarks.

Do the work - His work. I just need to stay focused and remember I am blessed. He will not let His work go undone or not be done correctly. He will use me to get done what He has for me to do, and I need to let Him do it and not stress over getting it done immediately.

Thank you, God, for teaching me!